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Announcing eight new Health Graph partners!

Things are really heating up—we're excited to announce that eight new partners have joined the Health Graph! We now have close to twenty partners, and hundreds more are ready to connect.

As more apps and devices integrate with the Health Graph, we expect the experience for RunKeeper users to continue to improve, as you get a more holistic view of your health.

Visit the RunKeeper App Directory to check out these new partners today!

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iSmoothRun Swim Converter Jog Log Fitness Widget
iSmoothRun Swim Converter Jog Log Fitness Widget Generator
WeightConnect Arookoo Fitocracy Withings
WeightConnect Arookoo: Walk + Game Fitocracy Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

As a sneak peak, check out these other health and fitness apps that will be live within the next few weeks:

Kinetic, a GPS app for running, walking cycling and other activities; Weight Meter, a web site that can be used to keep track of your daily scale readings; Superproof, an online fitness game and iPhone mobile app that helps you rally your friends to achieve your health goals together.

The RunKeeper Team

P.S. Don't forget to visit the RunKeeper App Directory for all the latest partners to join the Health Graph!


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